Hi! I’m Melanie

I grew up at the foot of the Alps in Switzerland and I am now based in Brooklyn. I am a new media designer, developer, and maker. My curiosity in how things work together, in a mechanical, visual, and conceptual sense has taken me from working at a research lab to teaching classes, as well as realizing projects as a digital fabricator.
While the sensibility with which I approach my work stems from a certain playfulness, my experience in design and technology allows me to create projects that are both viable and aesthetically informed. Seeing the potential in all things plays a central role in my creative process. My ideas are often inspired by simple shapes, systems and objects that grow into a bigger concept.

Areas of expertise

Digital Fabrication | 3D Printing | Laser Cutting | Molding & Casting | Analog Fabrication | Front-End Development | Physical Computing

Proficiency in

Blender 3D, Simplify3D, Netfabb | Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop | Final Cut Pro X | Code in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, NODE.JS, JSON | WordPress, Typo3


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