First Time Shapeways

Shapeways is a New York-based 3D printing marketplace and service, startup company. Users design and upload 3D printable files, and Shapeways prints the objects for them or others.

For my first use of Shapeways I decided to model some earrings in Blender. The production cost for each earring was around $10 and it took 3 weeks from 3D model upload to receiving it in my mailbox. Super happy about the quality of the 3D print. Also, Shapeways includes a care guide that explains how to take care of the material.

Malleus, is made from solid raw brass. Its hammer shape is just visible while unused.
Dimensions: 4.5mm x 2mm x 13mm

Cylin is shaped as a cylinder. It’s made from solid raw bronze.
Dimensions: 3mm x 13mm