First Time Shapeways

Shapeways is a New York-based 3D printing marketplace and service, startup company. Users design and upload 3D printable files, and Shapeways prints the objects for them or others. For my first use of Shapeways I […]

Tentacle Flex 3D Print

NinjaFlex’s unique flexibility and smooth feeding characteristics enable you to create in ways you never thought possible. Open a world of possibilities, limited only by your imagination. NinjaFlex, a cutting-edge filament for 3D printers, is […]

Hand Device

The device is shaped to fit the user’s hand and the tiny shape evokes feelings of protection – where the user is the protector. Additionally, through the intimate contact, the user feels the movement of […]

The Breathing Paper Bag

The Breathing Paper Bag Driven by Csikszentmihalyi’s description of objects as biological organisms and to explore the topic of body language to understand the digital world, I created the prototype Breathing Bag. The prototype aims […]

Alan – Internet of Things

Interface for physical interactive objects Alan is creature that is trying to figure out an identity. He started his journey by trying to walk, but evolved to become a swimmer. His members are controlled by […]

The Environmental Tickle

This prototype is a playful exploration using technology to engineer a visualization of the human defense to the environmental truth. Every time someone tweets about Climate Change, the device will tickle the users ear.

Lava Lamp 2.0

A ferrofluid is a liquid that becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. The purpose of the project was to explore the possibility of controlling ferrofluid over an external device. The motors […]

The Dialogue

The main idea of this project is to visualize a dialogue between two objects where the user can join in the conversation and thereby affect the further behavior of the participants and the dialogue itself. […]

Character Design

Wooden toy Gian Gian is an alpine ibex and lives with his friends in the mountains of the swiss alps. He is an excellent rock climber. Nobody of his group has ever beat his time […]

Take the Weather Inside

Sunshine, clouds, rain, heat or cold, in one way or another, everyone is influenced by the weather. If we are inside a room, windows serve as a connection between us and the weather. Through our […]